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009: Healthy Cyborgs

In this episode we talk to 'OG' interaction and product designer and ex Method Creative Director Alexander Grunsteidl. We pick up on a few threads from our beyond the pill episode, exploring how people are hacking or designing their own healthcare systems. We discuss Alexander's personal experiences of living with an implanted medical device and the part implanted devices might play in the future with use cases beyond healthcare. Prior to working at Method Alexander worked at Phillips and Apple designing medical devices. Alexander is currently Global Head of Design practises at Method's parent company GlobalLogic.

008: The Craft Of Technology

John Oswald, Managing Director of Method London, takes on the hosting chair to talk to Dr. Sunil Singh, CTO of GlobalLogic. John and Sunil explore why every company should be thinking about crafting their own technology platforms to be able to stand toe to toe with the tech giants.

007: Beyond The Pill

We're back with our first episode of 2020. Matt is joined by Alex Gilbert of Medopad and Alasdair Thong, to delve into what's next in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. From ancient Egyptian physicians to genetically guided treatments we explore just how we're going to be protecting our lives in the future.

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